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HELMUT´s voice is touching and healing – coming straight from the heart – and his enthusiasm for chanting mantras is catching. „It took some time until I realized which gift and mission my parents gave me with my name*“, he smiles, „and singing mantras helped me to connect with my Higher Self, with Mother Earth and my sisters and brothers all over the world.“ The artist believes that chanting mantras helped him to become a real human being. For HELMUT mantras are divine tools and promoters to protect the mind and illuminate every part of us. „Chanting works like magic“, he says, „it peels back the layers, creates transparency so that the light of the Higher Self can shine brightly through us.“

HELMUT grew up in Upper Austria at the beautiful lake Attersee. After a happy childhood and school he moved to Vienna to study veterinary medicine. HELMUT loves animals. After graduation he started a family, calls himself a grateful father of three wonderful children and works successfully as manager in the health care business. „Music is my passion and source of energy. Since I got in touch with chanting mantras, I have been infected with this kind of music. It is important to accept one´s role in the material world and to take responsibility, but our destiny is much more," says HELMUT. Being a „good soul“ in meeting all our daily challenges and creating one´s own life is all-important.

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After having sung traditional mantras and sacred songs by all the well-known artists of the mantra community in chanting circles for some years, HELMUT felt the urge to compose his own music. HELMUT explains, „My mantras came to me in a phase of regular and disciplined meditation. Nothing would prevent me from completing my life´s dream in the past eighteen months. I had the vision to create mantras with music which I really love. My own style and flavour. The eight mantras on my first album „Jewel“ are „HELMUT through and through“, a rainbow of all kinds of emotions. So I am really at peace, because I have made this album primarily for myself. But of course I am also curious about the resonance.“


HELMUT means "light" and "courage".

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