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Ek Ong Kar-ah

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

What I hope in general is that the approach in my music strikes a happy medium between artistic licence (sometimes new way of pronunciation and accentuation) and faithfulness to the original source of tradition. It is so important to allow ourselves to be creative and give something a try. My music is an encouragement in every sense.

The primal vibration (God) and the creation are ONE. The Creator lives in you, in me, in all beings and creatures without any exception. This is our true nature and the ecstasy of the experience of that consciousness is beyond words. I praise my inner teacher who lets me in on that insight and enlightenment.

Chanting this mantra awakens the Kundalini energy, balances the chakras and aura and opens up the flow of energy. This mantra brings our destiny to life. It strengthens our creativity and helps us to focus on our real priorities. As a result, we can let go of everything that conflicts with these priorities. I am not able to describe the abundance and joy this mantra gives to me. Sing it with me as often as you can. And never forget your true nature; be a blessing to the beings that surround you.

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